zondag 30 september 2012

Find The Perfect Niche

Niche Finder is a fantastic tool to find a niche best suitable for your website. By simply typing in a keyword, it gives you various niche suggestions related to your keyword.

For Affiliate Marketers

It isn't hard these days to find a product which you can sell as an affiliate, to earn commisions. Finding out what product is the best choice, however, is getting harder and harder the more people are signing up for affiliate programs and start trying to make a few bucks for themselves online.

The Niche Finder tool is a great solution for this. Within a few minutes, you've collected information about what niches are related to certain keywords, the quantity of searches for that particular keyword, the Ad-Words competition rate, how easy it is to list on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing for your keyword.

In a demonstrational video here, you can see how easy it is to find a combinations of keywords that are related to a niche, and also see how easy it will be for you to actually convert within that niche.

The only work left for you, is to write articles about your chosen niche and give people advise on what product to use, which will earn you commissions as an affiliate. Because of the information you gathered using Niche Finder, the circumstances are ideal for your website to get traffic!

For Adsense uses

If you are not able to find a product that will convert your traffic in to money, or if you're just not interested in affiliate marketing, there are still ways to make money with your website or blog.
Articles can be informative, without having the purpose of driving traffic to a certain product. The internet is full of (Note: High converting) articles that are just there to tell people about the phenomenon they just searched the web for. These articles, however, are always related to some market.

Say you have written an article about how guitar strings are made, your visitors will have searched with keywords like "How are guitar strings made". They will not be interested in your personal string recommendations! But they still are probably all guitar players interested in guitars and amplifiers. Using Google Adsense is the best choice in this case.

 Using Niche Finder to target your adience

If you are planning to write articles for Adsense driven pages, you still want to know what topic is the best for you.  Niche Finder will give you great information about the keywords people use to find the information you will provide, so that you can get these in your article. It also tells you how much competition the keyword is getting on Adwords, a lot of competition means that more people are fighting to get their ads on pages like yours, which means that every costumer you drive to those advertisers will earn you more money.

Niche Finder will:

  • Find keywords related to your niche
  • Give information about how many times people use these keywords on Google
  • Tell you how hard it will be for you to rank high in the search engines for your chosen keywords
  • Tell you how much money you will receive for placing Adsense ads on your page.
And all of that, within minutes!