vrijdag 2 november 2012

Wordpress Theme affiliate oppurtunities

Wordpress Themes make big business on the internet, and with customers’ specific demands, a huge amount of suppliers has risen to promote their own theme.
The big amount of suppliers make for an interesting market, even with prizes high as $99.-, total revenue will always small, since competition is strong.

Why is the Theme market organized in this particular way?

To have a good understanding of how Wordpress themes are distributed (which is necessary in order to be successful in being an affiliate for them), you need to understand that the product in itself is a particular one.
Wordpress themes have low production value, a lot of time can be put in to building them, but material costs are minimal and they can be reproduced unlimitedly. 
Anyone can create a theme, and many do so. A large corporation isn’t necessary to build a business creating themes, so constant sales are not required. This way a lot of small businesses have proven to be successful by selling a few or even one Theme. When a theme is finished, the only thing left to do for the creator is to keep it updated, and most importantly, sold.  PPC bidding wars in a marked crowded with small companies are impossible, the price for a single click is too high because hundreds of competitors are willing to pay a penny more for that click.

This is where affiliate marketers come in. They are safe promoters for the theme sellers, because they are only paid upon a sale. The high prizes make it possible for affiliate marketers to earn big commissions.

Wordpress theme sellers and affiliate marketers are suited for each other.

Here’s a list of Wordpress themes you can affiliate with:

1. Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes is a very successful Theme company. Their themes are aesthetically superb and jam packed with additional features that give users complete control over their websites. Your visitors will see the quality that Elegant Themes delivers which make them a great affiliate opportunity. And with themes for apps, blogs, eCommerce, business, magazine, multimedia, personal, portfolio and tumblog, you can profit from Elegant no matter what your readers preferred subject is. See what they have to offer, try out a theme and write a review for your readers!


ThemePure is a relatively small company that sells high quality Themes. They are worth reviewing and maybe even worth some of your time as an affiliate marketer. They offer a ‘buy 1 get 1 free’ promotion, which will really speak to the serious web designers within your group of followers.


ThemeFuse offers a variety of themes for everything from newsblogs, reviewsites to personal weblogs. On every sale made through your site you will receive 30% of the sale plus 10% on every recurring payment, which is a good stimulant for the residual income part of you business.

SMThemes is a particularly good company to invest some time in. They offer a 2-tier affiliate program. So if you can convince your readers to use SMThemes, they automatically promote the theme itself whilst being affiliated to you. This brings all of your readers’ readers to your potential client base. See if they have some theme’s you would like to try out and promote!

Thesis 2.0 is one of the most simple, elegant, easy and popular themes around.  No matter what your followers are interested in writing about, Thesis will leave almost every publisher satisfied.

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